Visiting Rules

Dear viewers, if you are going to visit our Theater, pay attention to a number of rules that must be observed:

1. By purchasing a ticket for the performances of the Theater, the viewer agrees to these Rules and agrees to comply with these Rules and public order in the building of the Theater.

2. The ticket price for the performance is the same for spectators of any age.

3. Valid for visiting the performance is a ticket only with the appropriate time and date of the performance indicated on the ticket.

4. It is necessary to take into account age-related recommendations for the performances of the Theater. The viewer can get preliminary information about the performance, the production group, the summary and age limit.

5. It is forbidden to bring weapons to the Theater, any sharp and cutting objects, toxic substances, as well as alcoholic beverages.

6. The administration of the Theater reserves the right to require the viewer to undergo special control in order to identify items prohibited from being brought into the building of the Theater. If the viewer does not want to pass control, the administration of the Theater has the right to refuse to visit the Theater.

7. It is not allowed to enter the outer clothing and bring it into the auditorium. It is not allowed to visit the Theater in sports, beach and work clothes.

8. Entrance to the auditorium after the start of the performance is prohibited. Being late spectators, as an exception, can watch the first act from empty seats near the entrance to the hall (if any) and take the places indicated on the ticket during the intermission.

9. The ticket is not exchangeable or refundable if the spectator is late for the start of the performance.

10. Purchased tickets can be handed over to the box office of the Theater no later than one day before the start of the performance stated on the ticket.

11. The spectator is obliged to carefully treat the property of the Theater, and in case of damage to the Theater, to compensate it in full, in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation. In case the spectator loses the number token (number) confirming the delivery of things for storage in the Theater’s wardrobe, the full amount of the lost number is charged from the viewer.

12. It is not allowed to bring food and drinks, large bags, suitcases, to use cameras, video cameras, players, tape recorders, and other means of audio and video recording into the auditorium.

13. Performances are the intellectual property of the Theater and directors. In order to ensure copyright protection, viewers are forbidden to make video, film, photography or audio recording of the performance without the written permission of the Theater administration.

14. During the performance it is forbidden to use radiotelephone communications and pagers, the sound signals of which must be turned off during the performance.

15. The full ticket price is refunded exclusively in cases of cancellation, replacement or transfer of the performance. If the performance is canceled, tickets are returned at the box office of the Theater within 10 calendar days. In the event of a replacement or transfer of a performance, tickets may only be returned before the start of a replaced or transferred performance. The service fee charged by commercial distributors and ticket agencies is not refundable by the Theater.

16. Smoking in all areas of the Theater is strictly prohibited.


Thank you for observing these rules in the Ulyanovsk Theater for Young Spectators "NEBOLSHOY THEATER"!