D. Salimzianov
“How Lopsho became the person”

Ближайшие даты исполнения:

23 November (Thursday) 11:00
23 November (Thursday) 13:30
Fantasy on the themes of Udmurt folk tales
Production and stage design
Composer – Vasiliy Tonkovidov

The production of “How Lopsho Became the person” (play by Damir Salimzianov) is the first in NEBOLSHOY THEATRE’s new cycle «Tales of Great Russia». Lopsho Pedun, the character of Udmurt folk tales, is the first main character of this project by Youth Theatre.

All peoples living in this great country have their own folk tale characters: the Russians have Ivan the Fool; the Tatars have Shurale; peoples of Central Asia have Nasreddin Hodja; the Germans have Hans, whereas for the Udmurts it is Lopsho Pedun – the merry jester. This dexterous and sharp man can outwit any pompous moneybags, teach a lesson to any rude person. He can easily be a soldier and even a hero… And he does it all for the sake of Odok, his beloved bride.

”How Lopsho Became the person” is an award-winner of All-Russia Festival of Theatre Art for Children “Tales of the Olonkho Land” (Yakutsk City, October 2012)

  • «AudienceChoiceAward»
  • «Best Director» (to director Marina Korneva)
  • «Best Actor» (to Artemiy Kurchatov)

The opening night was on December 22, 2011