The Knight of the Sky

Theatrical and educational project

The play ‘The Knight of the Sky’ is a part of the self-titled theatrical-educational project of the Foundation for the support of theatre arts 'Premiere' and NEBOLSHOY THEATHER. ‘The Knight of the Sky’ is a unique theatrical-educational program, which is aimed at the promotion of the war history and war glory of Russia, the name and the heroic deed of our countryman – general-major of aviation, a legendary pilot, a participant of many momentous battles of the Great Patriotic War – I. S. Polbin.
‘‘The main part of the project is the play, made in documentary opinion journalism. Because of the fact that, in the first place, the play is addressed to students and pupils, we had to find an artistic decision and create a story which would ease the perception of the documentary content. The play includes lots of archival data, photos, letters, evidence of the remarkable military commanders, everything that could tell with certainty about Ivan Polbin. We managed to find and use in our play a few seconds of the newsreel, where Ivan Semenovich himself is. The audience will find out for themselves the biography of a legendary pilot, learn about his childhood, military service, family, about the heroic deeds and courage of the Hero of the Soviet Union awarded twice. Well, we tried to disclose the image of our great countryman from as many different perspectives as possible by tracing his military path and by telling about Polbin – a pilot, a commander and a human being. In our view, a very important addition to the play will become a mobile exhibition about the hero-pilot. The audience will be able to se the real artefacts of the World War II – the fragments of the flying ammunition and pilot’s clothing. Also, at the exhibition will be shown the replications of Polbin’s military decorations and many others, no less interesting specimen telling about the events of the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945. We made the project mobile on purpose, because that will allow us to show it on the different locations of Ulyanovsk district,’’- shared with us the director, art director of the NEBOLSHOY THEATRE, an honored artist of Russian Federation, Eduard Terekhin. The premiere took place on 9th September, 2017.