Based on stories by A. Averchenko, N. Taffy, A. Bukhov
The Anthropoids

Nine anecdotes from their life
Stage version and production
Costume design – Irina Kokhan (Ukraine)
Music arrangement – Vasiliy Tonkovidov

Director-producer Marina Korneva: "The play “The Anthropoid” comprises nine humorous stories by the “kings of laughter”, who wrote at the beginning of the 20th century – Arkadiy Averchenko, Nadezhda Taffy and Arkadiy Bukhov. The production focuses on a personality type, on a character, originating a chain of comic situations. Not only does this “anthropoid” type look hilarious, it is also his own fault, because all the “comic situations” stem from his inner essence. When he meets Common Sense or Purity of Soul, “the anthropoid’s” foolishness, vulgarity and dullness are revealed. The anthropoids’ morals, tastes and habits entwine to form a thick “bundle of life”, leaving no room for a brighter life perspective. As Nadezhda Taffy put it, “every funny story is, as it were, a small tragedy, humorously inverted”.  But it is exactly the magic power of humour that makes the unpleasant facts the source of the comic, that helps us to love life in all its manifestations without pain or denial”.


Running time 2 hours 40 min. (with intermission)

The opening night was on November 12, 2011 

Salamin, Count, Tsatskin, “Artist”, Chief of police
Anna Petrovna, Chorus girl, Den owner
Kapitosha, Max, Sasha the husband, Inspector
Merchant, Grigoryi, a servant, “Victim of the Industry”, Comic writer
Coral seller, Dorofey, a servant, Beggar
Chorus girl, Lidochka, Katya, the artist’s model, Governess
Countess, Abandoned woman, Fan, Inspector’s wife
Director of beauty parlour, Mumsy, Yevdokiya Sergeyevna, Margarita Nikolayevna, Cook