based on O. Henry's short story
The Story of a Kidnap

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05 February (Friday) 18:00

The action of the play takes place near a small town in the state of Alabama, in the south in America. Two venturers, who want to make a lot of money effortlessly, kidnap the son of the richest townsman. But adventorous fellows, who wanted the ransom for the boy, couldn't imagine what awaited them. The boy, who isn't spoiled by parents' love and support, couldn't be happier about the new adventures. But the plans of the unlucky kidnappers change owing to incredible appetite for commumication, vivid imagination and frustrated energy of the captive. The boy, who declared himself a Red Chief, suggests a game with his rules and assigns characters as he wants.

The plot is full of humor, adventures, ingenious mischiefs and fascinating twists. The writer of the story, an American novelist and journalist O'Henry, is the noted master of a 'short story', his stories are known for their surprise endings.