The Marriage of Balzaminov
Based on: 
Ostrovsky trilogy

Ближайшие даты исполнения:

26 September (Saturday) 18:00
24 October (Saturday) 18:00

NEBOLSHOY THEATRE turned to the creative heritage of the outstanding Russian playwright A.N. Ostrovsky. For over a hundred years his works have not left the theatrical stage of the best theaters in Russia and the world.


The production was created with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation in the framework of the program "Develop Culture and Tourism" for 2013-2020 years and the project of the "United Russia" Party "Culture of a Small Homeland".


The director of the play, Marina Korneva, noted: “In the play, which's based on the trilogy about Balsaminov, everyone strives for happiness, looking for a better life. Everything is like today. But each character has his own idea of ​​a happy life. The main character, Misha Balsaminov, is not prone to despondence, he easily moves from despair to hope, soars in dreams. He regularly goes "for happiness." The adventures of a “Zamoskvoretsky dreamer”, who is far from the problems of real life, will help to figure out whether it is possible to “make a fairy tale come true” and combine the dream with reality. The misleading impression of the ​​ways to become happy is stil relevant for today, and the images of heroes are reflected in the characters of our contemporaries."


NEBOLSHOY THEATER, as always, will present its reading of one of the most beloved A.N. Ostrovsky' plays .


The premiere of the play “Marriage of Balzaminov” took place on September 29, 2018.


Performance lasts 2 hours 50 minutes (in two acts with intermission)