On December 22, 2011 NEBOLSHOY THEATRE launched its theatrical projectTales of Great Russiaby presenting the production  “How Lopsho Became Man” (play by Damir Salimzianov).

The aim of this project is to introduce young people to national traditions and cultural heritage of our great multinational country. Every people living in Russia has its unique culture: its language, music, its fairy tale characters. Lopsho Pedun, the character of Udmurt folk tales, is the first main character of the project “Tales of Great Russia”, launched by Youth Theatre.

All peoples living in this great country have their own folk tale characters: the Russians have Ivan the Fool; the Tatars have Shurale; peoples of Central Asia have Nasreddin Hodja; the Germans have Hans, whereas for the Udmurts it is Lopsho Pedun – the merry jester…

NEBOLSHOY THEATRE is also currently carrying out the projects «WHERE ARE WE LIVING FOR?»  and «FAMILY».