Among other events, dedicated to the Victory in the Great Patriotic War, NEBOLSHOY THEATRE holds its annual Regional contest “TIMES CONNECT – GENERATIONS CONNECT”.

In 2008 the contest was held in Ulyanovsk. Ulyanovsk Youth Theatre presented its production “Try to Come Back” and gave out awards to the participants of the contest (secondary school pupils and students) in various creative nominations.

In 2009 the contest “Times Connect – Generations Connect” acquired the regional status. The theatre company toured 21 towns of Ulyanovsk region with its production “Simple Things”. Thetotalaudiencenumberwas 3 696 people. The contest jury evaluated over 200 works in various nominations, sent by school and university students of Ulyanovsk Region. OnMay 9 anawardceremonywasheld. The winners from many municipalities came to Ulyanovsk to get their diplomas and gifts.

In 2010 the regional contest “TIMES CONNECT – GENERATIONS CONNECT” is held for the third time. This year the events will be held not only in NEBOLSHOY THEATRE and in regional towns, but also on more venues in Ulyanovsk.

The events start on February 10. As part of the joint project with Ulyanovsk Regional Museum of Local Lore n.a. I.A. Goncharov, NEBOLSHOY THEATRE will present its production “The Knight of the Sky”, a biographical play on I.S. Polbin, twice Hero of the Soviet Union, in Ulyanovsk schools. After March 1 the theatre will tour the municipalities of Ulyanovsk Region. Any member of the audience may take part in the contest.

To become a participant, one needs to mail to the theatre a creative work in any of the four nominations, listed in the Contest Rules. All creative works are to be dedicated to our renowned countryman Ivan Semionovich Polbin.