Roads of the Hero

On the occasion of the birthday of twice the Hero of the Soviet Union Ivan Polbin in the Ulyanovsk region, starts the mobile theater project “Hero’s Roads”.

The opening will be on 9th, February at 11.00 in the Maine inter-settlement center of culture, at 15.00 the program will be presented in the Ignatov Palace of Culture.

 'Roads of the Hero' project is being implemented using a grant from the President of the Russian Federation for the development of civil society provided by the Presidential Grants Fund. Let us recall that the application of the Premiere Theater Support Fund with the partnership of the Ulyanovsk Youth Theater for the implementation of this program was supported in the second grant competition of the President of the Russian Federation, conducted in accordance with the order of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin dated April 3, 2017 No. 93-rp.

“The development of theatrical art in the region is under the personal control of Governor Sergei Morozov. On his behalf, a project will be created for the reconstruction of the Youth Theater, whose creative team has been conducting large-scale events of the patriotic and educational orientation for several years. Among them are 'Belorussky Train Station', 'Karamzinsky Marathon' and 'Theater Revolution', which gathered a large number of spectators at their sites. The start of the new project will be on the birthday of Ivan Polbin in the Ulyanovsk Region - the historic small homeland of the pilot. The first events of the program will be attended by residents of two settlements of the municipality. They will be able to see the play “Knight of the Sky” and an interactive exhibition, and also take part in creative meetings. Professional actors are involved in the production, the director is Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Eduard Terekhov,” said Olga Mezina, Minister of Art and Cultural Policy of the Ulyanovsk Region.

The project 'Roads of the Hero' aims to popularize the name and the deed of Major General Aviation, a participant of many key and crucial battles of the Great Patriotic War, a native of the village of Rtishchevo-Kamenka, Simbirsk district, Simbirsk province (now the village of Polbino, Maine district, Ulyanovsk region), Ivan Polbin, and also the pages of military glory of Russia among young people and residents of municipalities in our region.

“Mobile theater events will be held from February to November 2018 in different settlements of the Ulyanovsk region. Project participants will learn about the fate and service of twice Hero of the Soviet Union Ivan Polbin. Also, through the story of one hero seen from the stage, the young generation will get acquainted with the events of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945,” said Eduard Terekhov, director and art director of the NEBOLSH THEATER.

For the record.

The mobile theater project “Roads of the Hero” includes the performance “Knight of the Sky” about life, the military way, the heroism of I.S. Polbin and the interactive exhibition exhibiting real artifacts of the Great Patriotic War, created by the Premiere Foundation with the partnership of the NEBOLSHOY THEATER, fragments of the pilot’s flight ammunition, replicas of military awards. The stage version of the play was prepared on the basis of archival materials and documents. It is important that multimedia technologies are actively used in the production, the visual series accompanies the whole action - photographs, unique motion pictures and front-line chronicles. Also creative meetings will be a part of the project . After watching the performance and the exhibition, program participants will be able to chat with the production group and ask questions of interest.