«Big tours» in the Ulyanovsk Theater of a Young Spectator!

In September 2019, the Volgograd Musical Drama Cossack Theater will perform on the stage of the NEBOLSHOY THEATER as part of the project “Big Tours. Inter-regional Program” of the Federal Center for Support of Touring Activities of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.

Three performances of the Volgograd theater will be presented in Ulyanovsk.

On September 28 and 29, at 11.00, children's musical performance “Brave Hare” (6+), based on the tale of M. Bartenev “I Count To Five”, will be shown. This is a true story about courage and bravity, about how true friendship works wonders. The heroes of the tale are ordinary forest residents, but they have completely human faces, characters and even professions. The protagonist, Hare, is a modest student, Mole mastered the profession of builder, Magpie, who always knows everything, is a pilot. And Squirrel is just a star, she is the most fashionable in the forest and everyone wants to be friends with such a beauty. And our Hare is no exception - he really likes the fluffy Squirrel, he dreams of friendship, but he is afraid of the impudent Wolf, and the Mole, and his own shadow.


On September 27 at 13.30 the play “The Stolen Sun” (12+), which's directed by A.E. Serov, will be played. This is a unique figurative diary, compiled from the recollections of children who lived in Stalingrad all 200 days and nights of the Great Battle.

“At first, the sky turned black because of the airplanes, and then the smoke of a burning city seemed to swallow the sun,” as eyewitnesses remember August 23, 1942, who survived this terrible bombardment. The sun stolen by the war becomes a symbol of the suffering of the little Stalingraders, and the performance is the quintessence of the feelings of boys and girls of that distant alarming and tragic time. The title of the production, Stolen Sun, refers us to the famous Barmaley fountain, which has become an unofficial symbol of ruined childhood in military Stalingrad and in an allegorical form tells the story of 'The Stolen Sun' by Korney Chukovsky. Despite the piercing emotional background, the performance has a positive connotation, as the result and culmination of the production is Victory and a return to a peaceful, bright life of a small person.

On September 27 and 28 at 18.00 it will be possible to watch the performance “Kommunalka” (16+). This is a production that can make anyone laugh, even someone who has long forgotten how to smile. It is based on little-known works of domestic writers of the early XX century - Mikhail Zoshchenko, Arkady Averchenko, Nadezhda Teffi. As this sharp and eccentric performance shows, the biting satire of the 30s of the last century is consonant with our time.

From 19 to 23rd of September the tour of the Ulyanovsk Theater of a Young Spectator will be held on the stage of the Volgograd Musical Drama Cossack Theater within the framework of the federal program 'Big Tours for Children and Youth'.