Carlo Gozzi

Ближайшие даты исполнения:

10 October (Saturday) 18:00

The Italian fairy-tale of the 18th century ‘King-Deer’ is a comedy about love, sincerity and justice. The action takes its place in a fairy kingdom, where king Deramo reigns. King Deramo isn’t married. In due time he questioned 2 748 princesses and noble ladies, but he wouldn’t take any of them as his queen. Every girl saw in him in first place not the gentle and just person, but a mighty and rich ruler. Deramo realizes the necessity of the marriage, and the first minister Tartalya, dreaming of arranging the marriage of his daughter with the king, keeps up with the ruler. He frightens him with stories about the people’s discontent with the lack of successor to   the throne. In reaction to that the king continues seeking, this time summoning all the girls of the kingdom…

In two acts, with an intermission.

The play lasts 2 hours 20 minutes.


The premiere took place on 11th October, 2019