NEBOLSHOY THEATER is preparing two New Year premieres!

 At the Ulyanovsk Theater for Young Spectators, rehearsals of new performances have already begun. These are performances for family viewing with children over 6 years old - “Sleeping Knight” and “The Singing Piglet”. Premieres will be held as part of the New Year’s campaign of the theater.

The play 'The Singing Piglet', which is based on the play of the famous playwright Sergey Kozlov, is a funny and kind musical fairy-tale about true friendship. Its main character is an unusual piglet that can sing. Unbelievable adventures and meetings await it. But the most important thing is that the piglet will be able to find a true friend and thus overcome all the troubles.

The play 'Sleeping Knight', which is based on the play by Damir Salimzyanov, will become a continuation of the NEBOLSHOY THEATER's project 'Tales of Great Russia'. Wizard Tcernodur wanted to do something terrible to prevent people from laughing at him. He cursed the Knight Gavrila Mogutchii, kidnapped his fiancée Ladushka, and now a regular guy Gavrysha has to believe in himself, work up the courage and defeat the run-of-the-mill villain. How Gavrysha will save the Knight and his fiancée and who is going to help him? The audience will find out in the new and entertaing play, staged by NEBOSHOY THEATER. 

         The plays 'Sleeping Knight' and 'The Singing Piglet' will be interesting for children and for their parents as well.

          We wait you to come to the preimiers of the plays 'Sleeping Knight' and 'The Singing Piglet' on 21 and 23 of December, 2019.

          You can purchase tickets online here