Online-project «NEBOLSHOY TV»

According to the recommendations of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and special measures to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infections, theatrical-entertainment and concert events were canceled in the Ulyanovsk Region since March, 19.

These are forced, but absolutely correct measures, since there is nothing more important than health. We wish you, our dear viewers, good spirits, patience and peace. And if now our viewers, for obvious reasons, cannot come to the theater, then the NEBOLSHOY THEATER ... is coming to you! The Ulyanovsk Regional Theater of Young Spectators has prepared a new virtual project “NEBOLSHOY TV”, and invites everyone to its pages on social networks. Since March 18, the broadcasts of the NEBOLSHOY TV online channel on Instagram #nebolshoyteatr, VKontakte, Youtube started. The theatre has already prepared many surprises, interesting meetings, interviews, reports, creative numbers and much more for the viewers.

#nebolshoyteatr is waiting for its viewers online! Very soon, the headings “NEBOLSHOY news”, “DDT questions”, “NEWS from the fields”,

“Melodies and rhythms”, as well as “Special correspondent” will be on the air. The channel "NEBOLSHOY TV" speaks and shows! Join now!