"People, lions, eagles and partridges," or with an anniversary, Anton Pavlovich!

This year marks the 160th anniversary of the birth of one of the most famous playwrights in the world, the outstanding Russian writer A.P. Chekhov.

          Creativity of the author is firmly included in the golden fund of world literature. By the anniversary date, the NEBOLSHOY THEATER is preparing a gift for its viewers - the premiere of the play 'People, Lions, Eagles and Partridges' based on the best stories of Antosha Chekhonte and one-act plays by the playwright. In connection with the current epidemiological situation, rehearsals of the performance began in an online format. It is expected that the premiere will be presented in the second half of 2020. The director of the performance is Marina Korneva.


At the moment, there is a 'feast period' - the analysis of literary material, the elaboration of images, the development of the internal score of each character. Work is also underway to create costume designs for the production. One of the works included in the new play will be a joke in one action 'Anniversary'. Vaudeville Chekhov is a special phenomenon in Russian literature. Chairman of the Board of the N-th Mutual Credit Society Andrei Andreyevich Shipuchin is going to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the bank. He is thoroughly preparing for the triumph. He himself composes a congratulatory address from members of the bank, buys a binding for him, and a silver jug as a gift. But the hero is waiting for insurmountable circumstances ...


The atmosphere of the Chekhov era, the writer’s subtle humor, vivid characters, energetic, fast-moving dialogues, comic situations - all this will be seen by spectators in the new performance of the NEBOLSHOY THEATER.


The production includes: Honored Worker of Culture of the Ulyanovsk Region Artemy Kurchatov, Azat Akhtyamov, Evgeny Yumanov, Alexander Sukhomlinov, Elena Myakushina, Olga Kashkarova, Tatyana Zvereva, Kristina Kayumova.


The performance “People, Lions, Eagles and Partridges” is being created as part of the project of the United Russia party “Culture of a Small Homeland” (the direction “Theaters for Children”).


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