A. Heit, A. Levenbuk
Cat Leopold's birthday

Musical fairy-tale
Режиссёр-постановщик - Заслуженный артист России

The story of Cat Leopold and Mice is a musical play for persons of all ages! Kind Cat Leopold and mischievous Mice, the familiar characters of the cartoon will meet you and at the stage of NEBOLSHOY THEATRE. The White and Grey Mice decided to spoil Cat Leopold's birthday, but... The audience will see for themselves and maybe will sing along with the play's characters theiк favorite songs. All songs in the play are sung live. 'Cat Leopold's birthday' is the play, in which friendship and kindness beat all troubles, because:

'If you're kind,
Then it's always easy,
If you're not-difficult!' 

The play lasts 1 hour.

Белый Мышонок
Серый Мышонок
Пес Доктор
Бабушка Леопольда