Poetry seasons 'SEASONS OF THE YEAR'

The New Year 2015 is declared the Year of Literature in the Russian Federation by Presidential Decree. The official opening of the year of literature in the Ulyanovsk region will take place  on January 28, within the framework of which a creative meeting will be held with the outstanding Russian poet Andrei Dementyev. But already on January 21, for citizens, residents of the Ulyanovsk region and the entire Internet community, "NEBOLSHOY THEATER" opened a new project, "POETRY SEASONS - SEASONS OF THE YEAR", dedicated to the Year of Literature.

Throughout the calendar year, from January to December, in the open air in front of the NEBOLSHOY THEATRE, spectators, guests and friends of the theater will read masterpieces of Russian poetry (Pushkin, Fet, Nekrasov, Tyutchev, etc.) dedicated to the current time of the year. The natural change of seasons will be a "living decoration" for great poems. Each participant in the project will read several lines of the poem, so one work will have several performers.

The recorded on video poems will be posted weekly on the theater’s website, on social networks and on the information resources of the theater’s partners. In addition, the reporter television and radio company acted as a project partner. Every week on the air the verses of Russian classics will be sounded, performed by spectators, colleagues and friends of the NEBOLSHOY THEATER. It is assumed that up to 700 people of all ages and occupations will take part in the project, including the participation of famous people of the region and its guests - cultural figures, politicians, entrepreneurs, public figures.

In December 2015, at the end of the year of literature, participants will gather on the square in front of the Young Spectator Theater to participate in a grand flash mob and a prize draw from the NEBOLSHOY THEATER and project partners. And on January 21, as part of the opening of this large-scale project "POETRY SEASONS - SEASONS OF THE YEAR", poems by A. Pushkin and S. Yesenin will be read by the Deputy Ministers of Art and Cultural Policy of the Ulyanovsk Region, Chairman of the Committee on Cultural Heritage of the Ulyanovsk Region Sharpudin Khautiev and Evgenia Sidorova, Artistic Director of the Regional Drama Theater. I.A. Goncharova Sergey Morozov, Directors of cultural institutions Lidia Saurova and Alexander Koltun, Executive Director of the Ulyanovsk - Capital of Culture Foundation Victoria Linnik.

At the opening, the music of A. Vivaldi and P. Tchaikovsky from the Seasons cycles was played. And since the New Year of literature has just arrived, it is quite clear that the start of the project was given by Santa Claus and Snegurochka. The actors of the theater read a composition of poems about the seasons.

Evgeny Sidorova, Deputy Minister of Art and Cultural Policy of the Ulyanovsk Region, congratulated everyone on the opening of the project and the Year of Literature. Tatyana Damadanova, journalist of the TRK Reporter, welcomed the guests on behalf of the project partner. And since the project has a direct connection with the cinema (all the verses are recorded on video), the main cinematographer of the Ulyanovsk region, director of Ulyanovsk Oblkinofond Lidiya Saurova, according to the filming tradition, broke a plate with the project logo on the tripod, the fragments of which became memorable souvenirs for guests. The project is open!

Weekly on Friday, the releases of "POETRY SEASONS - SEASONS OF THE YEAR" will be posted on the theater’s website www.nebolshoy.ru, on the theater’s social media pages, and on the Reporter’s website. New issues - http://www.nebolshoy.ru/video NEBOLSHOY THEATER is waiting for everyone to participate in the project.

The application should be sent to the email address nebolshoy@bk.ru