Once upon a time from Volga to Siberia
Based on: 
the tales of the peoples of the Volga, Siberia and the Caucasus

The project 'Tales of Great Russia'

The performance continues the project "Tales of Great Russia", which was opened in 2012 with the production of "How Lopsho became a man." Fantasy on the theme of Udmurt folk tales caught the fancy of the viewers not only in Ulyanovsk, but also in Yalta, Feodosia, Moscow and Yakutsk.

The play "Once upon a time from Volga to Siberia" was created based on the tales of the peoples of the Volga, Siberia and the Caucasus. The artistic and musical design of the production is based on folklore traditions. The tale in the play acts as a symbol of unity. It knows no boundaries and will help to know each other better, because, despite individual differences and national characteristics, all peoples of Russia share common values. Winning performance in the nominations "Best Scenography" and "Best Actor" at the Festival of National Youth Theaters and National Theaters for Young Spectators is "Fairytale Palette" in Cheboksary.

The performance lasts 1 hour 5 minutes. The premiere took place on December 20, 2015.