Eugene Ymanov


He was born on 5th September. In 2015 he graduated from ULSU on specialty 'Acting'.
He's been working in NEBOLSHOY THEATER since September, 2015.

He appears in the following plays:

-'Once upon a time from Volga to Siberia'
-'Brother Rabbit's Tricks' -Brother Rabbit
-'Frog Princess or state or emergence of swamp scale' - Ivanushka-the fool
-'Don't part with beloved ones'
-Scapen's Tricks'- Silvester
-'Russian Vaudeville, or do you love theater'
-'The Anthropoids' - Kapitosha, Tsatskin, servant Dorofei, Police Chief, Husband Sasha
-'Plikh and Plykh and others'
-'How Lopsho became a man' -Officer, Axey
-'Mother, father, Grimm brothers'
-'These free butterflies' -Ralf Ostin
-'Animal stories'
-'The sky color performance'
-'Buratino's Adventures' - Buratino
-'The night is young'
-'The Story of a Kidnap' - Johnny
-'The Marriage of Balzaminov' - Balzaminov