based on vaudevilles P. Grigorev and F. Sollogub
RUSSIAN VAUDEVILLE, or do you love theater


The premiere of the play 'Russian vaudeville, or do you love theatre' took place on 11th of June, 2016 withing the regional intersectoral project by NEBOLSHOY THEATER 'Karamzin's marathon', which was dedicated to the 250 anniversary of N.M. Karamzin.

The play includes two vaudevilles of N.M. Karamzin's contemporaries - the vaudeville 'The daugther of the Russian actor' by Petr Grigorev and the vaudeville 'The trouble because of the gentle heart' by Fedor Sollogub. In the early 19th century the playbill in the capitals and countryside was especially rich with small comedies with verses, music, dancing. Many Russian actors were gaining their fame in this, as one may say, simple, entertaining genre. Vaudeville is a genre with rapidly developing intrigue, naive and encouraging hope melody! There are charm of emerging Russian theatre, its loveliness, lightness, naturalness, liveliness, a mind game and a game of fantasy, expressive power of the talant.

The play lasts 2 hours (two acts with an intermission)