Plikh and Plyukh and others
Based on: 
short stories and verses by Daniil Harms

Ближайшие даты исполнения:

28 February (Sunday) 11:00

The premiere of the play 'Plikh and Plyukh and others' took place on 15th October, 2016.

The application of NEBOLSHOY THEATRE for staging the play 'Plikh and Plyukh and others' based on Daniil Harms's works was among the winners of the competition of grants of the Union of Theater Workers of the Russian Federation for the implementation of creative projects  in 2016 addressed to children and/or teenagers. In total, 220 applications were received from various regions of our country. Grants were received by 29 applicants. Among them is the Ulyanovsk Theater of Young Spectators. The performance included the most famous works of Daniil Рarms, such as “The Game”, “Liar”, “Plikh and Plyukh”, “The Funny Old Man”, “About the Hook” and many others.

The play is aimed at a family audience with children aged six and older. The implementation of this creative project opens to the Ulyanovsk audience a boundless fantasy world of Daniil Kharms, whose work is still modern and relevant.

The play lasts 1 hour.