The program of events for the “Upstairs” project
(September - December 2016)

September, 18 at 12.30 (Sunday)

On this day at 11.00 on the stage of the NEBOLSHOY THEATER the play "Cat Leopold's Birthday" (6+) will be played. After it at 12.30 will be held a master class in painting, the participants of which will be able to learn how to draw the characters of the seen production using the watercolor and pastel technique.

The event will be held by Lada Valerievna Averkieva, head of the art department of GAU DO "Regional Children's Art School". Under her leadership, various contests and exhibitions were organized and held, for example, the All-Russian competition-exhibition "Colors of Autumn" in 2012 and 2014. She visited with students from 12 different countries, 30 cities. L.V. Averkieva participated with her students in numerous international and all-Russian competitions.

All the necessary materials for the master class will be provided - watercolors, oil pastels, brushes, pencils, erasers, watercolor paper. Each person will take his own unique work with him, which an experienced mentor will help to create.

The price of participation in the master class is 150 rubles.


October, 30 at 12.30 (Sunday)
«Folk Doll»

The second event of the project “UPSTAIRS” will be held after the performance about the hero of the Udmurtian fairy tales “How Lopsho became a Man” (6+). The artistic and musical design of the production is based on folklore material. Therefore, a new master class on the second floor of the theater will be devoted to folk dolls, which have a special place in traditional culture. It will be held by the head of the Museum of the National Doll, MBOU Grammar School No. 65 named after N. Safronov, Lyudmila Sergeevna Kolpakova. She will introduce you to the technology of making dolls, talk about traditional Russian home needlework, the play and educational value of dolls in Russia.

All materials are provided.

Also on this day it will be possible to watch an exhibition of folk dolls from the exposition of the unique museum of the gymnasium No. 65, representing the world of inexhaustible creativity and the wealth of imagination of our ancestors.

The price of participation in the master class is 150 rubles.




November, 27 at 12.30 (Sunday)

On the last Sunday of autumn, on the stage of the NEBOLSHOY THEATER, the performance "Brother Rabbit's Tricks" will be presented. After watching it, the participants of the “Upstairs” project will be able to create their own variations on the theme of Joel Harris's fairy tales using beadwork. The master class will be conducted by Olga Viktorovna Safronova, Head of the Mobile Library Services Sector of OGBUK “Book Palace - Ulyanovsk Regional Scientific Library named after V.I. Lenin”. She will introduce her collection of voluminous animals from beads, which were specially made for this event based on the fairy tale “Brother Rabbit's Tricks”. And, of course, together with the master, all those present will create their "forest dweller" from beads and wire. Also, for creative inspiration and improving skill at this meeting, there will be exhibited books and magazines about various types of beadwork from the personal library of O.V. Safronova .

All necessary materials are provided. The price of participation in the master class is 150 rubles.



    December, 11 at 11.00 (Sunday)
«Tasty New Year»

At the beginning of winter, the NEBOLSHOY THEATER pleases its viewers with a new surprise. On the eve of the New Year, we offer to take part in a master class on painting gingerbread. Teaches this skill Ekaterina Vitalievna Moiseeva (KateMADE Cakes, gingerbread cookies Ulyanovsk). Gingerbread cookies have become a fashionable and already beloved culinary souvenir. And painting this delicacy with glaze, decoration with various confectionery sprinkles will please both children and adults. It was believed that ginger, brought to England by the Crusaders, promotes recovery and strengthens the immune system. That is why the tradition appeared to prepare healthy pastries with a spicy aroma before the most long-awaited holidays - New Year and Christmas. Making gingerbread gifts can become a good family tradition.

The result of the master class will surely please all its participants, and another important plus is that the gingerbread cookies are stored for a long time without loss of taste.

All necessary materials are provided. The price of participation in the master class is 150 rubles.

Tickets are sold at the box office of the theater. Call for information: 32-22-18