September, 26 (Monday)

Concert of the choir of students and teachers of FSBEI HPE "Ulyanovsk State University" "Governor",

Head is an Honored Worker of Culture of the Russian Federation - Larisa Aleksandrovna Filyanina


The choir of students and teachers of Ulyanovsk State University was formed in February 2001. The leader of the choir is Professor Larisa Aleksandrovna Filyanina, an Honored Worker of Culture of the Russian Federation, professor at the Department of Musical and Instrumental Art, Conducting and Musicology at the Faculty of Culture and Art of UlSU.

The choir’s repertoire consists of classical works by Russian and foreign authors. A large place in the repertoire is given to sacred music, as well as to the works of modern composers.

The concert activity of the collective consists of participation in numerous citywide celebrations, in traditional university events. Together with the Simbirsk diocese, concerts of sacred music are held.

The choir of students and teachers of UlSU is a member of the Association of University Choirs of Russia, and works closely with professional groups and soloists of the Ulyanovsk Regional Philharmonic, state orchestras.

The team is a participant and laureate of numerous national and international competitions and festivals.

2011 - The choir of students and teachers of Ulyanovsk State University became the laureate of the international choral competition "CHORUS INSIDE in Citta 'di Chieti - 2011" (Chieti, province of Abruzzo, Italy). An important event of the festival was the performance of the UlSU choir in the Pantheon - the oldest temple in Italy.

2012 - 1st place in the festival-competition "Parisian Stars" (Paris, France).

2013 - participation in the XXV Latvian General Song Festival, held in Riga (Latvia).

2016 - the choir of students and teachers of UlSU received the honorary status of “Governor, and also won a silver medal at the World Choir Games in Sochi. 


October 10 (Monday)

Student Theater FSBEI HPE Ulyanovsk State Technical University,

Head - Svetlana Gennadevna Sernova

Comedy "Jokes ... about love"

(based on the stories of A. Averchenko, A. Chekhov, N. Taffy)


The Student Theater of UlSTU was created in February 2012 and all this time it has been working on the basis of the Concert Hall of the Tarelka Ulyanovsk State Technical University. Its permanent leader is the Head of the Department for Cultural and Mass Work with Students Svetlana Gennadevna Sernova. The troupe of the theater includes students and graduates of UlSTU, as well as their friends.


Over the years, the theater has created 5 performances:

- “Cruel lesson” based on the play by Valentin Krasnogorov;

- “Two Arrows” based on the play by Alexander Volodin;

- “Women's Question” based on the play by Nadezhda Teffi (he subsequently entered the play “Jokes ... about Love”);

- “Descendant” based on the play by Vladimir Zherebtsov;

- "Jokes ... about love" based on the works by Arkady Averchenko, Anton Chekhov and Nadezhda Teffi.

The theater presents its work not only on the home stage, but also on other venues - contests and festivals.


“The UlSTU Student Theater is pleased to take part in such a wonderful project as the Open Stage project, and also sincerely congratulates NEBOLSHOY THEATER on its anniversary and wishes it great victories!” commented the head of the team S. G. Sernova.


For reference:


Participation of the "Student Theater UlSTU" in competitions and festivals:


1. Competition "Theater and the word of art" in the framework of "Ulyanovsk Student Spring 2012":

- Laureate of the 2nd degree - Averchenko “Expert in the female heart”

- Laureate of the 1st degree - professional scene

- Laureate of the 1st degree - S. Mikhalkov “Fables”


2. Competition "Theater and the word of art" as part of the "Ulyanovsk Student Spring 2014":

- 1st degree laureate - excerpts from the plays “Cruel Lesson” and “Two Arrows”


3. I Festival of small forms of theatrical art "Drama", 2014, Ulyanovsk:

- "The best theater performance"

- "The best scenery"

- “Best Costumes”

- “The best directorial work” - all for the excerpt from the play “Two Arrows”


4. Competition "Theater and the word of art" in the framework of the "Ulyanovsk Student Spring 2015":

- Laureate of 1 degree - excerpt from the play "Women's Question"


5. I Festival of youth theaters of the Volga Federal District in the framework of the Youth Forum of the Volga Federal District "iVolga-2015", Samara Region:

- Laureate of the 2nd degree - performance “Two Arrows”


6. II Festival of small forms of theatrical art “Drama”, 2015, Ulyanovsk:

- “The best dialogue” - S. Mikhalkov “Fables”

- “Best Director's Work” - excerpt from the play “Descendant”

- “The best acting ensemble” (cumulatively for 2 works)


7. III Open festival of amateur theater groups "The Open Curtain", Dimitrovgrad:

- Laureate of the 2nd degree - the play "Jokes ... about love"


8. The competition "Theater and the word of art" as part of the "Ulyanovsk Student Spring-2016":

- Laureate of the 1st degree - excerpts from the performances "Descendant" and "Jokes ... about love."



November 21 (Monday)

Exemplary children’s team Theater 'ThreeN',


Cherdaklinsky Center for Continuing Education of Children at the Municipal Government Educational Institution

Cross-town secondary school,

Head -Natalya Vyacheslavovna Shubina

The performances "Colorful stories" (based on the tale of M. Plyatskovsky) and "The Tale of the Boy-Kibalchish" (based on the tale of A. Gaidar)

The exemplary children’s team of the Trien Theater is widely known not only in our region, but also in other regions of the Russian Federation. The guys, together with the teacher of additional education N.V. In 2014, Shubina won a silver medal at the V regional Delphic Games. They were winners and prize-winners of all-Russian and international theater competitions in Samara, Sochi, etc.

In May 2016, the team passed the qualifying round and became a participant in the regional festival “History in Faces” of the Karamzinsky Marathon network interdepartmental project, conducted by the NEBOLSHIM THEATER on the 250th anniversary of the birth of N.M.Karamzin.

As part of the project, the open-air theater Trien Theater will show two performances for children - these are “Colorful stories”, which are devoted to the lessons of friendship, courtesy, generosity, mutual understanding among young people, and “The Tale of the Boy-Kibalchish” based on the tale of Arkady Gaidar, a war secret , Malchish-Kibalchish and his hard word.




December 5th (Monday)

Concert of the folk ensemble of the dance ensemble "Lace" GAU DO "Regional Children's Art School",

Head - Nadezhda Aleksandrovna Lvova


Dance Ensemble “Lace” was created in 2008. The team is led by the head of the choreographic department of the Regional Children's School of Arts Nadezhda Aleksandrovna Lvova - laureate of the A.V. All-Russian Competition of Young Choreographers Angarova, winner of the Presidential Award “For Supporting Talented Youth”.

The ensemble of dance "Lace" has repeatedly become the laureate of all-Russian and international competitions. In 2011, the team, with the support of Governor Sergei Ivanovich Morozov, represented the Ulyanovsk Region at the International Festival and Competition of Children and Youth Creativity “Youth” in Montenegro, where he was awarded the title of laureate of 1 degree. In 2013, members of the dance group repeated their success at the International Competition "Youth" in Spain. All teachers and accompanists (N.A. Lvova, N.N. Lvova, A.A. Zaichikov, L.B.Blagovskaya) contribute to the success of the ensemble, which performed at the Universiade fire meeting ceremony and the opening of the All-Russian Games of National and non-Olympic sports, and is also a regular participant in concert programs on City Day, Victory Day, Children's Day. In 2015, the ensemble defended the title of “amateur folk band”.